Edgewater Retirement Manor remains free of the Coronavirus.

The team is pleased to report no Coronavirus cases for Residents, Staff or Families!

Thank you “TEAM EDGEWATER” for observing the CDC and Florida Department of Health Protocols for Coronavirus and helping to keep all safe during these challenging times.


February 9,  2021, we successfully administered the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccinations at Edgewater Retirement Manor.  

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who helped develop, distribute and administer these vaccinations in record time.  This accomplishment should make all Americans extremely proud!


Hopefully, these are the first steps in heading toward a more "new normal".  Stay tuned as we move into the Spring and keep watching our coming events page! 


Thank you to all Team Members, Family Members, and Business Partners for your PATIENCE and RELENTLESS DETERMINATION in helping fight this awful disease!